Optimized for use in kitchens and living rooms, the LF-S50G smart speaker with Google Voice Assistant functionality uses 360-degree circular sound to deliver pristine audio to every corner of the space. The speaker also features gesture-control capabilities, which enhance operability in a variety of situations—when cooking, for example, users can avoid touching the unit with messy hands by simply making a motion to perform an operation. Thanks to its soft, rounded form, the unit not only strikes a warm, welcoming look but stands up to falls and impact with remarkable durability. The speaker mesh is another key element of the design: water-repellent, washable, and interchangeable, the fabric retains its clean, endearing look for the long haul. The mesh lets light through, too, providing users with a clear view of the current time, indicators, and other visual information. At the bottom of the unit is a chrome base, which makes for quick, easy wiping and cleaning. Topping off the design is its mirror finish—a touch that integrates the speaker into the surrounding environment by reflecting the colors and textures of the surface underneath.

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