KEAS mov1 speakers provide benefits to a wide range of users, from the tech savvy metropolitans to comfort seeking suburbanites, these ceramic speakers add to the ambiance of any living or outdoor space as a noninvasive product that enhances the deco of any given room. Both as a speaker and an art piece, the KEAS Mov1 offer users a Bluetooth speaker with the highest sound quality available in portable speakers in the market today, while at the same time, allowing for it to stand on its own as a signature piece that accommodates all lifestyles. The melding of hard sound technology with soft earthenware has not seen a precedent. This is where fine china meets cutting-edge sound technology, merging the latest consumer electronics with ancient ceramic art. The Yin-Yang effect of device and art, modern and ancient, makes this product truly one of a kind and hold it above the fray.

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