The Infinity Beta sound system is consists of two 1.75″ active driver in combination with two custom low bass passive radiator, with powerful 2x9W power transmit to the drive, makes the sound loud and real that you cannot believe such a compact system can produce such a high-quality sound.
Used Li-Po rechargeable battery, provides up to 8 hours of playtime; intelligent power management, improved the battery life, and let the battery live longer.
Aluminum cover, durable and scratch-resistant lets you fondle admiringly; cold aluminum, warm plastic, let you experience a distinctive feel.
Pairs to any Bluetooth device, reconnect automatically, and remembers connected devices. Support one touch answer your calls, and gives you a crystal clear conversation. Can connect two Infinity Beta to improve hearing experience. USB port supports playing MP3 music directly from your USB drive.
Cutting-edge industrial design, extreme low bass, easy to carry. Simplified the using method, making all easier and more intuitive. Gives you the sound, which is beautiful as a painting and let your life be surrounded by wonderful music.

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