A Loudspeaker creates dynamics, oscillating the air. Nevertheless it is a static object.
The Design of the Loudspeaker is based exactly ontop of this contrast.
The slim statue seems to be frozen in mid-motion – or it located in a never-endig movement.
The decission is in the eye of the beholder.
The reduced cubic form is combined with round loudspeaker-transducers and a round base to underline the design in a functional manner.
Three shifted cuboids take the dynamic of motion to strech themselves into the air, reaching for something higher.
In 1977, developers from the british BBC already discover that building a speaker cabinet based on different composites is superior to use only a single material.
Based on this fact, after long test runs, we use as special damping compound.
This compound has optimal dampening capabilitys, dependent on the cabinet-dimension and their resulting resonant frequencies.
The compound is elaborately applied by hand and dried in many layers.

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