hearO remasters the tennis ball into a wireless speaker ready to pair with any Bluetooth media device in any location. A used ball is repurposed and revalued. The tactile felt fuses into an ergonomic speaker, while environmental awareness and material reuse potential become core design principles. The tennis ball is press cut with cutting specialists in Northampton, England and 3D printed formwork. The cuts optimise the ball material that press-fits around a bespoke electronic shell. The ball skin curbs the speaker surface vibration and offers a smooth sound quality and user experience. The Fibonacci speaker grill enhances sound projection, as the pattern pores spiral smaller towards the rim. The design inclines for the user and becomes powered by one button. The speaker rests on a magnetic cradle that offers 360-degree charge. The tennis ball upcycles into music and evolves into an iconic connective object. It brings function to memorabilia connecting with great players and professional tournaments. The product’s inherent hand-held sensibility and texture make for the ideal mono-speaker with unique potential for narrative.

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