Portable speakers are everywhere these days. From the ultra-portable compact speakers to the heavier high-end speakers that barely qualify as portable, there is a shape and size for everyone out there. Digging around the muck and figuring out what is good quality is a tough job, especially in Taiwan where gimmicks are a dime a dozen (Whatever you do, just avoid the Hello Kitty speakers). But there is one company that is doing things differently: Making GOOD products.

Fun, Fast and Easy
The Groovy Duo set of speakers is the latest in the line of portable speakers from TW company Luxa2 (pronounced “loosha”), and they are awesome!
The problem with most portables, even the high-end ones, is that they are stuck together, effectively lacking in a surround sound feel. So the Groovy Duo set did something genius, splitting up the speakers and connecting them through Bluetooth. The result? Not only do you feel like you are sitting in a live show, you also have a set of slick looking, easy to use speakers anywhere you want!
Setup was as simple as turning the speakers on, pushing a button and connecting with my iPhone. Within 30 seconds I had a portable sound-system at my disposal.

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