Designs are becoming more and more simplified as progress is being made, and emotional factors are disappearing. Surprising technological prowess impresses us and brilliant digital technologies are involved, but emotions of the sound systems that used to please us in the past do not exist. Through ‘Golden Bug’, a new sound storage system, I would like to present to you all, the characterized analogue emotions. “Golden Bug’ starts from its structural use. Its structure is designed to allow complete assembly of the speaker system through the use of CNC processing on birch plywood. It features Bluetooth, a close-range wireless technology which mutually connects mobile devices such as mobile phones, laptops and earphones·headphones for information exchange, and toggle switch is used for realization of analogue emotions. And the idea of sound structure signifying that the source of sound amplified through a speaker is based on a small source of sound coated through the use of analogue or digital method, is expressed into a shape to form an environment where music can be visually, tactually, and synesthetically felt.

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