Funye variety speaker F1 is designed with modular Idea, which consists of a core speaker module and three different shells, each of shells meets one usage scenario,customer can change shell to use in different occasions. The three usage scenarios are indoor play, outdoor tour and sports. Funye variety speaker F1 is easy to take and it can be a funny decoration. Because of the modular design idea, Funye variety speaker F1 could be used in variety places, with a lower cost of production. People now can use less money to enjoy better experience, which bring values for both customer and producer.
The original idea of Funye variety speaker F1 is a reflection for “Planned Commodity Abolishment”, which makes a huge waste and a heavy burden of environment. We hope to make a difference by modular design. Instead of buying special products for each occasion, Funye variety speaker F1 provides different shells for variety usage scenarios, which means customers don’t need to buy more products.

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