Funye variety speaker family provide different solutions in various scenarios and applications to those people have basic demand to the voice. The design philosophy is “1 + n”. That’s to say, with the center of a core module, together with components in different designs turned into various products for different applications. It also achieves the purpose of green design.
Components of Funye variety speaker family can be infinitely extended, you can transform into any image. This attribute allows users to select freely; you can also customize the design and find your favorite style, so it is also ideal for gifts.
The basic version “little tail” is a typical example. “Little tail” with a memory alloy, can transformshapes in different states. It can be bended both become the base, but also as a hook. You can useon the desktop, and it can be hung on the bed or computer, you can also take advantage of the holeat the bottom for the outdoor portable use. At the same time they are elementary waterproofed.Due to the properties of soft material, can get along with the user friendly, even as a doll by the bed.

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