Estelon Extreme is the next step in speaker design evolution. It is the first loudspeaker on the market where the user can adjust the height of the speaker remotely. The most noticeable feature in Exteme’s design is the composition of the two modules; the upper module allows the speaker to be adjustable by the user for optimizing the sound in regard of room specifics. This way the user can minimize reflections from the walls, ceiling, and floor, which helps draw the soundstage in front of the listener. The upper module moves up and down with the remote control and can be set to one of five positions, resulting in a speaker that sits between 177-207cm. The tweeter is also adjustable to focus the sound at the listener’s seat. The speaker cabinet has an essential part in reproducing sound. Estelon uses proprietary marble based composite material to create shapes that provide ideal conditions for its components. Having no parallel walls avoids unwanted resonances that affect the speaker’s sound quality. All Estelon loudspeakers are built by hand. Loudspeakers no more have to be hidden in the corners, Extremes are an essential part of the interior, the true heart and soul of any room.

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