The Ensis is a loudspeaker with strong design identity, without compromising perfect sound. The totally new sculpture resembles a musical note and appeals with the association of music. New technology and an out of the box yet form follows function credo allowed for an exceptionally compact full-range performance in combination with a tasteful mix of ellipse and constant radius curved lines, each appearing playfully in different views of the speaker. The lower rounded part of the musical note ensures more internal volume than suspected from the front, as it is a trapezoid from top view to eliminate internal resonances between parallel walls. Its counterpart on the other side of the trapezoid, symmetrically resembles the subwoofer for the eye, but is in fact the anodized heat sink with intuitive dials to adjust for any room size and position. The upper part is made with acoustically ideal ellipse back panel, and rounded off with a constant radius towards the slim front panel, finished with engineered composite stone. In synergy with the sides, the solid front is seamlessly crafted in the same radius towards a 30 degree sloped panel, stretching and accentuating the ellipse.

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