Perfect integration on both DPAC super Bass technology with Dual front & rear acoustic driver speaker creating a 720 degree omnidirectional.
A wireless and PORTABLE revolutionary speaker.
A 720 degree 3D sound complement with DPAC super bass WITHOUT the need for AC/DC power supply. ON THE GO -Powered by 10000mAh built in Battery making it 100% portable with NO COMPROMISE in sound performance.
“True720 degree” patented 3D effect. Array sound that spreads in wide directional wave and circulate within room. Unlike conventional 360 degree sound, True 720 degree optimize sound flow not only left to right but top to bottom. The multi and omnidirectional sound makes you feels like a multiple speaker environment.
New innovation that changes the Audio world.
Patented Dual Pressure Air Compression Technology. “DPAC”
The innovative driver configuration combine with air pressure to deliver a full-range sound with deep low bass and astonishing clarity sound in an ultra-compact size.
This new invention creates fullest BASS impact which match or surpass the conventional subwoofer.No more bulky external Subwoofer.A PEQ –professional Equalizer button provides choice of high or deep vocal.

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