It is in appearance to maintain the consistency of the color of different materials, there is a strong sense of the whole. In the shape of a simple cylindrical design, the perfect match the highest degree of recognition. Delicate product ratio compact, black and white products with three colors, to meet different consumer groups. Dingdong TOP top with rotary touch volume control design, interactive design with multi-color light, the future beauty of science and technology reflected most vividly. Its UV paint and nano-coated with a coating of dust treatment, compatible with black light technology and close-knit fabric home style.
Small size, great features, in such a small volume uses a number of industry-leading voice technology. Accurate recognition of voice commands at 5 meters, 70dB noise reduction, 7 + 1 microphone matrix, 360-degree omnidirectional pickup capability, and first-shot One-shot feature allow users to wake up to multiple conversations with real-life interaction Experience. As a positioning intelligent assistant products, a variety of (Bluetooth output, Aux out connection, etc.) extended external playback, so that traditional speakers can also be intellig

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