Dingdong 2 generation is an art of intelligent products, inspired by porcelain ornaments in the family life, hope that the product is integrated into the environment, the habit of, easy, the exchange process is natural and cordial. To this end, the design of the most direct cylindrical shape and linen woven fabric portfolio, and complement each other’s home environment, color-shell design can be replaced to meet more consumer choices. Dot matrix screen design, advocating a direct icon design, you can quickly tell the consumer products in the state, so that the product still in the quiet state to help consumers with better sense of the future and visual sense. Touch panel can be multi-gesture operation, single-finger, multi-finger and more than ten kinds of gesture touch operation. With the highest degree of recognition on the market 7 + 1 microphone matrix, 360-degree omnidirectional pickup capability, the first two generations of Ding Dong voiceprint recognition increased, so that the product can meet you, remember you, understand you, personalized Recommended for everyone to hear is different.

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