DECK aims to make music social again. Featuring Heist Mode, a proprietary feature that allows 5 users to connect and share their mixes at the same time, providing a completely new way to experience and enjoy your music.

Sound that goes anywhere. DECK puts powerful sound in a compact form factor, allowing it to easily slide into a pocket, purse, or bag. We did everything we could to craft a low-profile shape that elegantly encapsulates the technology inside. Unlike other speakers, the dual drivers face upwards to create a wider, more open sound experience for everyone in the room. 360 degrees of audio eliminate the sweet spot found on many portables, and allow great listening enjoyment from any angle.

With the UI, we took the approach of simplicity, removing everything you don’t need and choosing instead to focus on how people interact with their music. Unique backlit LED-lit logo provides user feedback related to Heist Mode.

DECK also features a custom pouch, designed to be water resistant, dust-proof and also sound-transparent, meaning it can go where other speakers cannot.

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