Until now, speakers have competed with the interior design of a home – be it as a design statement or a mere black box. The idea in designing Clio™ is for a speaker to be décor friendly and invisible instead of impacting or dominating the look of a room. Thanks to its transparent speaker transducer Clio disappears in any type of interior design. It can be placed almost anywhere in a house and not be noticed by the casual observer yet once it is discovered it reveals its beauty and refinement.

The simple form of the speaker base is pleasingly modified with slight contours and clean lines and one barely notices four color-matched flush buttons on the base. Clio is available in three base color options that complement surfaces and other decorative accessories typically found in a well-designed environment.

Clio sounds as good as it looks. With its outstanding clarity it delivers well balanced sound and excels in reproducing vocals and string instruments. Due to the curved shape sound waves have near 360 degree dispersion and Clio can be equally enjoyed from the front and backside. Clio uses ClearView™ Audio’s patented Edge Motion™ speaker transducer technology.

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