The “Calm down the heart” is a speaker combination with traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. In the performance of crafts, the ceramic is from Shuili snake kiln, a heritage of three generations of ceramics family. With superb craftsmanship, and the technology of mass production, making the ceramic art more success and popular. The irregular clay, represents inevitably encounter setback in the office, the circle loop, means the music give shock and emotion to our heart. We hope in the busy life, it is possible through meditation, re-organize your thoughts, think clearly and restart our mind. Design Features: 1. Combination of 3C products, making pottery broader application. 2. with simple audio speaker, without interfering the performance of ceramic art. 3. make the ceramic art integrate into our daily life, not just a decoration. 4. Activation of traditional crafts, modify manufacturing process, making it become commercial product.

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