A sleek and elegant frame made from brushed aluminum accents the colorful inside of the Rapoo A600, making it an eye-catcher with a minimalist and timeless design. The choice of materials also adds to the high-quality and sturdy feel of this speaker, giving it the necessary amount of weight to contrast itself against its plastic rivals. This stereo speaker features Radiation Airflow Invert Technology that uses the backward pressure energy of the active speakers to deliver a powerful base, even with the A600’s compact design. The mechanical controls ensure quick and easy access to all functions. In addition, NFC (Near Field Communication) functionality delivers the easiest pairing you will ever encounter: just hold an NFC-enabled device next to the speaker and you are already connected. It gets even easier with the Rapoo-Music App, which enables features like “shake to skip” or “turn to play/pause”. With its dual microphones, the A600 is also perfect to use as a speakerphone. The secondary microphone picks up background noises and then filters these out of the primary microphone’s signal, enabling the A600 to offer crystal-clear voice quality. Also in noisy environments.

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