With the power to project screens onto virtually any surface and respond to intuitive operations, the Xperia Touch is a smart product that unlocks new modes of communication. The device not only lets users manipulate table and wall projections with simple touch operations but also searches for information and launches apps on voice command. Running on Android™ OS, the Xperia Touch supports Google Play apps and enables users to share their individual smartphone experiences with families and friends—from playing games in a group to planning trips online as a family, watching movies together, or making video calls. All in all, the Xperia Touch is a captivating new communication tool. With its frameless edges, the design eliminates the boundaries between the screen and its surroundings to bring the content together with the objects in the living space and create an interface that blends seamlessly into the environment. The ultra-short-throw projector, sensors, batteries, and other components also fit snugly into a compact housing, making the unit easy to install anywhere around the house.

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