The WolfVision vSolution Cam, a portable presentation tool, supports speakers in their endeavours by facilitating the on-screen display of a diverse range of ‘live’ presentation materials in a flexible and lively manner via a connected monitor or projector. Its clear lines which incorporate both an HD camera and an LED light system into a single arm, lend it an elegant appearance, which combines perfectly with its intuitive and easy to use control panel. No manual adjustment is needed for its operation, and this utilitarian approach to design ensures a distraction-free user experience, enabling presenters to concentrate their efforts fully on the optimal illustration and explanation of ideas.

Any materials, such as books, photographs, 3-dimensional objects or handwritten notes can be quickly and easily shown to groups of all sizes – without the need for lengthy preparation in advance. With this kind of design and its multiple media versatility, the vSolution Cam encourages a new approach to presentations – lending them an air of spontaneity and elegance.

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