Touchjet Pond is a tiny handheld projector that turns any surface into a giant interactive touchscreen. It simulates a similar scenario as a giant Android tablet that it takes an app from the confines of a smaller screen to an 80-inch space on an obliging wall or table. Touchjet Pond offers pinpoint accuracy and functions a lot like the smartphone and tablet touch screens you’re used to, simply by touching the stylus to the projected images. The application of the Touchjet pond could be in the following areas:Business It gives business people an easier way to present their latest proposals without bothering to bring any expensive, non-portable projector or confined to the laptop screen. Creativity People can use Touchjet pond to project the white-board on to any surface and create ideas with no need for a white board anymore. Education The Touchjet Pond can be used as an easiest solution for education in classroom. The portable device can be transferred from classroom to classroom, eliminating costly hardware upgrades. Entertainment Users can project their favorite movie in the child’s bedroom, while camping or on vacation. All in one, no extra pieces needed.

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