Nebula Portable Projector is an elegantly designed portable projector made for the modern, mobile world. Nebula Portable Projection Display creates images with extraordinary depth and brightness. SEE IT ANYWHERE with nebula portable projection display – the portable visual experience.
Nebula Portable Projector, including the built-in battery, weighs only 700g and can operate for 5 hours. The consumer can use it to watch home movies, host a backyard barbecue, or do an office presentation.
Nebula Portable Projector uses a high-performance LED engine that produces 750 lumens and projects a 30-120 inch display with 1280×800
3.Auto-slot and fast auto-focus:
The slot of the projector door opens automatically when lifted up and auto-focus works unbelievably quickly – a clear picture is achieved in only 1.5 seconds.
4.Great audio quality:
Built-in two 10w speakers provide extraordinary sound, even when used outdoors.
5.Designed for connectivity:
Nebula Portable Projector is designed to connect and project content from laptops, Apple TV with HDMI, and smartphones or tablets with AirPlay and Chromecast.

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