Nebula Laser Display 100 inch uses advanced laser technology to display an astounding image of unprecedented size and quality. See it BIG with Nebula Display 100 inch Full HD 1080P native resolution picture, but also supports 4K decoding – The real cinematic experience in your home.
1)High-Tech Laser Projection Technology. Long Lifespan.
36 high-efficiency laser diodes project 4000 lumens of light. The highly efficient bulb works for 25,000 hours – the equivalent of watching content for 5 hours a day, everyday, for 13 years.
2)Small Setup. Large Picture
Nebula Laser Display uses ultra short-throw technology to produce a 100” picture from only 11 inches away.
3)High-Quality Audio
Four built-in speakers and one subwoofer provide crystal clear sound.
4)Easy On The Eyes
The anti-reflective fiberglass screen absorbs ambient light and reduces glare. This makes it possible to see the picture clearly any time of day. Moreover, eyestrain is also reduced because the light is projected on the screen and not directly into the eyes, .
5)Designed For Connectivity
Designed to connect and project content from laptops, Apple TV with HDMI, and smartphones or tablets with AirPlay and Chromecast.

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