Me2 is an intelligent projector for both office and home use, which has a nice outlook of minimalist design that combines its form and functions tightly. The split speaker is a major innovation in the field of pint-sized projectors, which effectively solve the problems of the out-sync of voice and frames and the poor sound quality of traditional projects that have built-in speaker.
Me2 has 1100 lumens brightness and the viewing brightness is of 20FL, better than the cinemas’ standard of 14FL. Me2 has a high Physical resolution of 1080P HD, which is 2.25 times as much as720P, which provides consumers with high-definition HD screen experience.
The application of wireless charging technology is another major innovation in this area. Only need to be put on the top of the projector, the speaker can be automatically charged, which is very convenient and cool.
Me2 using I-chips Industrial-level graphics processing technology, can achieve independent correction of four corners, so the projector can be placed freely at the corner or the center. it also equipped with pallet bracket, which can prop or hang the project from the bottom, there are a variety of usage scenarios.

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