Boasting 4K HDR and projection sizes of up to 120 inches, this high-end 4K ultra short throw projector features a unique projection unit that users can install along their living-room walls like a piece of everyday furniture. The projector’s tweeters feature glass tubes that vibrate together to deliver crystal-clear sound from every direction, wrapping users in aural delight. The cylinders at the corners of the unit, meanwhile, strike the sleek, minimal look of normal furniture legs to keep the visual presence as discreet as possible. By concealing the mid-range speakers and projection vent behind a single mesh skin, the design hides the distinct visual aspects of the component technologies and helps immerse users in an experience of incredible sound and imagery. The LSPX-A1 also embodies a focus on CMF, using wood, cultured marble, and aluminum to ensure optimal textural compatibility with the surrounding architecture.

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