Kaleidoscope – Projector is small, and it is also known as the pocket theater, for the shape of it resembles a pencil box – with a weight of only 0.4 kg. Therefore, its tiny appearance brings very good portability.
Kaleidoscope – Projector features an innovative flexible design, its 90-degree rotatable projection lens properly adjusts the projection direction and angle for you to have projected images on the wall or the ceiling. With the automatic image correction function, it allows you to have a vertically 40 degree of automatic image correction even being placed on an uneven surface.
Kaleidoscope – Projector couples with Android system to feature WIFI or Bluetooth wireless connection, so that the audio and video of the mobile phone can be projected without the intervention of other external equipment, and the inbuilt video system with CIBN security certification allows you to have safe access to voluminous internet resources. Therefore, Kaleidoscope – Projector is a fantastic tool with rich contents that go beyond the singular traits of being a medium. The 1080P full HD display and HI-FI stereophonic sound deliver an experience as immersive as cinema viewing. Kaleidoscope

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