Our life is full of screens: phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, etc. Screens change our life to more convenient and Egger, is the exclusive screen for kids. Differ from adults’ screens, Egger project the image on wall to protect the little eyes.

Egger is the first interactive projector designed especially for kids. It is a powerful tool that parents can use to inspire creativity, fun and early childhood development in youngsters. Egger uses Augmented Reality games, apps and lessons that let children interact with learning in totally new and engaging way. It is a home theatre, a learning center, and fun for the whole family.

Within its automatic flash photography and Augmented Reality technique, Egger provides an immersive experience for kids’ study and entertainment. Moreover, the little pet inside is a BFF for kids. And parents can make video call to their child’s Egger by using the Ychat App, so Egger brings to familly a new communication way.

Egger’s design is very original, every detail is especially for kids. The whole egg-shape stimulate kids’ imagination, the start-up of Egger calls to mind a naughty life hatched out, interesting and novelty.

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