Berry smart glasses utilizes split design with human factor engineering. Hand-held controller provides good grip, perfect for wearing on arm and waist. Portability, ease to use and dependability makes Berry a perfect productivity tool for you.
At the top of the corrugated shape to give glasses a sense of expansion, metallic texture collocation, enhance the texture of glasses;
Fluff paint the skin-friendly texture, closer to people’s distance, more appropriate;
Bright fog surface collocation, enhance the glasses taste;
Handheld fit people’s hand curve, easy to operate;
Mirror legs foldable design for easy storage;
Products with magnetic type of myopic frame, can be adapted to the flexibility and easy replacement of different myopia lenses to meet the needs of all myopic crowd experience.
Cutting-edge OLED technology empowers a bright high quality display with wide color range. Mature vertical 45 degree projection and 35 degree FOV presents rich contents.
Built-in GPS positioning system, with quick start positioning performance and high-sensitivity receiver antenna.
Built-in 3700mA high-capacity lithium battery, up to 6 hours of battery life and nearly 3 hours of online vide

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