Xiao Yi is domestic first intelligent portable interpretation machine. It can realize simultaneous real-time mutual interpretation. User can switch multiple languages through this small and exquisite product. This product is crowned as “interpreter in the pocket”. Thanks to advanced invoice recognition, transfer, composition and other cloud platform technologies, Xiao Yi has realized efficient simultaneous interpretation, making change and communication of different languages more convenient. The product is produced for common consumers in the market to solve their obstacles in foreign travelling, interview and meeting, which avoids expensive human interpretation cost. Using exclusive private cloud, the product realizes online voice recognition, transfer, composition and interpretation; accuracy rate of Chinese-English mutual interpretation is over 95%. Ripple of wave is used to transmit interpretation and communication information in design, and the voice is distributed from the center to the surrounding environment; generally, this design enhances recognition nature of human-computer interaction. Arrangement of buttons is in combination with usage method.

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