WeTek Hub is built around the premise of discretion and as a clear-cut statement on ultra compact design.

As a result of extensive research on correlation between housing and hardware performance, as well as taking advantage of the latest technology advances in manufacturing, WeTek was able to create a remarkably optimized product.

WeTek Hub is a tiny, yet powerful, media streaming device that skips no features. This ultra small, ultra portable solution is capable of gracefully handling the latest 4K/UHD video content and high quality audio. The hardware cooling is guaranteed by a smart heat dissipation alloy plate in combination with slick housing ventilation holes.
Despite its size, WeTek Hub offers an impressive level of connectivity, supporting DC in, 2.0 HDMI, Ethernet, RS232, IR extension, MicroSD card and USB connections, paired with 4.0 Bluetooth technology and WiFi.

An ingenious mount for adhering to the back of any TV, alongside its external InfraRed extension are the perfect corollary of discretion, allowing the device to be easily mounted behind a TV, thus making it truly invisible.

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