Ergonomics, usability and reduction are the core features of the remote control of GigaTV, Vodafone’s all converging and cloudbased entertainment platform.

Its 25 keys, much less than with a conventional remote control, allow single handed navigation without even looking away from the TV. All necessary interactions are integrated in the user interface on the screen.

The keys’ two-row layout is extremely clear. Only the central navigation keys, the device’s most important keys, differ in shape and arrangement. Their prominent position is additionally enhanced by a surrounding white frame – the polaroid. Its transparent material is printed white on the back, thus creating visual depth. This design feature is the connecting element between remote control and user interface – where, again, a white frame is setting the navigational focus.

Its slim shape, matt rubber coating, the shifting of the center of gravity towards the lower edge as well as an underside ledge make sure that the GigaTV remote control is intuitively positioned correctly and is comfortable to hold.

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