The exclusive ST 24 digital wireless saxophone set is a unique and innovative design in this category. It integrates a microphone with a wireless transmitter for truly cable-free wireless transmission, allowing musicians complete freedom to move about while performing. Designed for saxophones, the ST 24 is equally suitable for use on other wind instruments and offers three different detachable microphone capsules to suit the artists’ preferences for optimal flexibility. The soft rubber part of the microphone clamp protects the instrument from surface scratches while the digital technology of the reliable ST 24 transmitter and shock-proof design minimizes handling noises and guarantees a natural sound quality. Powered by an economical rechargeable battery, the ST 24 is also friendly to the environment thanks to its high-quality construction, ensuring long use. The user manual for the ST 24 has clear illustrations and text, ensuring the user will be well informed on the operation of this microphone and able to enjoy a new-found freedom in their performances.

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