Sogou smart translation recorder is an innovative close partner for travelers to improve communication cross languages. Via Sogou real-time voice technology, it can real-time recording courses or meetings voice, and able to recognize and translate voice, this function is much helpful to reduce tedious documentation work.
This product has minimalist design. We optimize the parts layout, divide display and operating areas in different area with different material. Function buttons are located in the middle of the body, are easy to operate. All buttons size are reasonable to avoid interference; 6 LED indicates different states. It also has a lanyard and anti-rolling bulges for carrying.
At the same time, we have weakened the microphone shape on the top. Different from the traditional portable digital recording pen. This product has less sense of recorder to reduce the people nervous. Let people to communicate with more natural and relatable scenario.
This product has rich features via Bluetooth connectivity, such as far-field microphones, recording, audio-to-text, simultaneous interpretation of voice and more.

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