The SMic133 Desktop Multimedia Unit is a high-quality and modern conference unit that, in conjunction with its Delegate App, creates innovative communication conditions. The display housing of the multimedia unit is milled from a single aluminium block. The 13.3-inch Full HD touch display enables conference participants to view all relevant conference documents and participate efficiently in the conference.

The Delegate App provides conference participants with updatable information about the conference activity while in use. Agendas, conference documents, film and photo material, participant lists, contact information, etc., can be viewed quickly and easily.
With the integrated language selector for up to 32 channels and volume control as well as a tuning function, with questions and results display on each individual call station, all settings and information can be done more quickly and more easily.

SMic is powered by PoE, audio data are routed separately from the network data which increases failure security.

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