SmartShaker™ is a patent pending Bluetooth Smart vibrating shaker alarm that wakes users up effectively and discreetly. Small and disc-shaped, SmartShaker™ fits easily under pillows and vibrates to wake users up without disturbing anyone else in the room. A companion app for iOS and Android allows users to set up to 10 alarms based on time and date, as well as choose whether to wake up to vibration, alarm tone, or a combination of both. Once the alarm is set, SmartShaker™ can function independently without a smartphone, so users can leave their phones in another room to prevent calls, text messages, and notifications from waking them up while they sleep. This is an ideal alarm for couples and roommates, as well as people with hearing impairments who cannot hear alarms, but can still feel the shaker. SmartShaker™ can be used for up to a month before needing to recharge.

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