UEI Smart Control BLE – Redefining entertainment control

The UEI Smart Control BLE is designed based on our user-insight studies. It balances perfectly between simplicity and ergonomics. By design this remote control is de-cluttering using logical key groupings to make it easy for users to understand the interactive functions. The centre keys of the 3 main groups are highlighted with material contrasts.

One unique advanced technology is used to identify the A/V devices connected to the set-top box. With no, or minimal, user interaction (no set-up required any more) the identified devices can be controlled and inputs can be automatically adjusted to eliminate “mode” and “input” confusion. Solving the biggest user challenges in today’s TV watching.

The voice input advanced technology is enabled through a digital microphone with optimized acoustics designed for use in a hand-held device, holding the remote in front of your mouth while pressing the voice key.

The remote control is designed to fit perfectly in the hand, by integrating the battery door as unique grip feature. While it sits on the coffee table as an elegant product.

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