People today are frustrated that every device requires its own app or remote control. Smart Remote was designed to unify control of your home and entertainment experiences in the most intuitive way possible.

Smart Remote is world’s first contextual remote control. Our patent-pending Point & Control Technology enables Smart Remote’s screen to adapt automatically to any device—like magic. Smart Remote instantly displays a dedicated interface to control each device you point at. Capable of controlling more than 400,000 devices including TVs, media players, speakers, smart lights, thermostats and more, Smart Remote also allows you to order an Uber by pointing at the front door or check the weather by pointing at the window.

Smart Remote’s design conveys its intelligence through an incredibly simple and approachable device that erases all unnecessary detail and function. Its slim shape and ergonomic contours make it feel like an effortless extension of your hand, while granting instant control over your environment.

Smart Remote is the first consumer electronics product to use a precise indoor positioning system in combination with motion tracking to offer a context-aware experience.

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