SENSEPLAY surf is the combination of an universal remote control, an FPV (first-person view) vision enabler and an AR game console.

SENSEPLAY surf can be integrated with a variety of consumer electronics devices, through a paired PFV module and software development kit. Device producers follow the KeyMap configuration mechanism of SENSEPLAY surf and self-define its keys and buttons, based on how their devices, such as cars, drones or submarines, are operated,

SENSEPLAY surf is backed by a world-class ultra-long-range (a line-of-sight distance up to 20km) HD video transmission chipset, which substantially boosts the control range and video image quality of devices. Users can capture FPV video images over a long-distance and share such images from SENSEPLAY surf via any Android app.

SENSEPLAY surf, as an FPV-ready remote control, is perfect for AR gaming applications, ranging from entertainment, e.g. driving, racing and shooting simulation, to outdoor education, e.g. wildlife identification.

SENSEPLAY surf provides truly immersive user experience by its dual 5.5-inch OLED screens, which allow more gaming content, dual Taptic Engines and high-performance audio.

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