Sam is created to control smart products. With one click, it enables to have a centralized control of all connected devices at home. It’s not only set up through a smartphone application, but once it is set up, the phone is no longer required to control your favorite services (nest / music ..)
Sam is the flagship of the new design generation of somfy products. Square like form, sleek and pebble shape for a good feeling in hand.
It has been designed like a jewel. Buttons, ring position, make the product easy to operate. Central sensitive zone is supported by a new generation of sensitive plastic, painted from the back to give an impression of depth. The mural support, which is a piece of deep-drawn metal, suggests a unique signature from somfy fitting to all kinds of interiors.
The new somfy signature can also be found in the luminous treatment of the product.
The latest technologies were also used to miniaturize the components and suggest a product filled with technology in a very small-sized product.
Sam is the first Somfy product which can be find on any high tech stores, or directly adviced by our new partner, like Nest , Hue sonos, and not only with classic somfy solutio

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