iRoom’s iTop is an universal Table top iPad Docking Station with Apple certification. The iPad can be easily docked to use it as a mobile device. Due to the adjustable Lightning connector iTop accommodates actual all iPad models, even the iPad mini. The iTop model that comes with a built-in control processor and a control keypad on the glass faceplate gives the user per fingertip access to commonly used functions such as lights, blinds, volume or source select without the need to unlock the iPad and launch the control app. iTop matches the iPad in shape, color and used materials and blends perfectly inany interior design. The aluminum base is heavy enough to prevent the iTop from sliding away or tipping over when the iPad is operated. Having your iTop on the kitchen counter or living room table allows for convenient one-hand operation of the iPad whether it’s for surfing the internet, reading the news or controlling the music. iTop makes the iPad an elegant tabletop touchpanel solution. However, the iPad can be easily taken out for mobile use and docked again to charge and store it. Through its build in motion sensor, customers are able to turn on music by waving a hand in front.

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