Today, everyone use smartphone to shoot video. Although most main stream smartphones equipped with over 12 megapixel camera, remote sounds can’t be captured well enough.
Yigo space had invented go-play mic providing the solution for you. A combination of app and hardware will allow you to produce good video with clear audio.
Our smallest and lightest collar recorder (15g)with magnetic clip have dual wireless modes both wifi and bluetooth modules. The free app control the device can make automatic synchronization using video from phone camera and audio from Go-Play mic, instantly mixed into a stunning video which could be shared to social media. With build-in editing and mixing function, you can do unlimited editing and output using your phone only.
The internal rechargeable battery can sustain for 1.5 hours straight recording or over 16 hours idle time. And it is only take 1 hour to do a complete recharging by mobile dock station.
Also, go-play had separate recorder mode which allow you to record and export to pc for future editing. You can use that mode to work with your go-pro and drone video.
You can search go-play on app store or google app for IOS and Android user.

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