Changba Bluetooth microphone X1, is a new developed product from Changba which is the top2 mobile APP in China for singing online. The idea for this product is to give another way of entrainment for people in car instead of just waiting in the traffic jam.
the design of X1 comes from the handbell in the KTV. in one way it help the sound transfer into microphone with more hole, in the other way it also help the user to feel more confidence which singing since it is much bigger than the normal microphone. X1 has used paint with good quality and it can make you feel like leather if you touch it. In additional, the 24 led light which was set on the left and right side of the microphone will flash which the user is using it, it flash up and down which the volume of the song go up and down.
We made our best to combine the antenna with the mechanical circle in the microphone which means the antenna can be hided inside.every line make you feel very comfortable.

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