An innovative breakthrough in wearable ear technology, the Xperia Ear Duo lets users get information and listen to music without shutting out ambient noise or interfering with conversations. The device automatically turns on when the user places it in an ear, makes volume adjustments based on environmental sound levels, and tailors information deliveries to user activities. The Ear Duo even features a touch sensor and responds to voice commands. The device’s drive unit sits behind the ear, part of a unique structure that passes sound through a metallic tube curving around the bottom of the ear. While going under the ear helps avoid any interference with glasses, the configuration also helps ensure a proper fit—lower-ear sizes tend to be relatively constant from person to person. Making sure that the device stays in place toward the back of the ear, the design also accents the aesthetic textures of the in-ear tube. In terms of color, the device comes in black and gold—two colors that match easily with hair, skin, and accessories. The case, which doubles as the charger for the unit, features a smooth, cylindrical form that makes for a perfect fit in bags and pockets.

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