The primary difference between our Xiaomi Earphones 2.0 and 3.0 is all about the sound. While our 2.0 model sounds great, our 3.0 model sounds even better thanks to its PET-beryllium metal composite diaphragm. It gives you powerful bass and an extended high frequency range. Three tuning chambers enhance high, mid, and low frequency sounds and reduce distortion. The result is piston-driven pure, rich, and vibrant sound.

Another enhancement is the ergonomics of the earplug. In this model the earplug is designed with a 120-degree oblique anterior horn that conforms naturally to the shape of the ear canal for a more comfortable fit. The 3.0 model also includes a reliable MEMS microphone.

The Xiaomi Earphones 3.0 come with a Kevlar-embedded wire, which prevents tangles, resists breakage, and ensures durability, as well as a silicone bobbin winder to protect your earphones when they are not in use. The metal parts on these earphones have a brushed finished and ergonomic tooling that make it easy for you to plug them in and take them out without leaving fingerprints.

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