Powered by AI, Vinci 2.0 is the first intelligent workout companion. It looks like a pair of headphones but behaves like a smartphone. Vinci 2.0 supports cellular and WiFi connectivity so you can leave your phone behind and have one device to stream music, take calls, keep track of your fitness performance, and more. Vinci 2.0 also supports Amazon Alexa to further enhance your on-the-go lifestyle.

In addition, you can ask Vinci to make a call, send a text message, set a reminder, or give you directions. Vinci 2.0’s voice control interface lets you control all of these features with your voice, so you can enjoy a phone-free and hands-free workout. Vinci 2.0 Super version uses a bone conduction mic for crystal clear voice recognition, even in the nosiest environments.

Vinci 2.0 also integrates with Spotify, SoundCloud, and Amazon Music. So, you can access a music streaming library with over 42 million songs while leaving your phone behind. Additionally, Vinci 2.0 comes with up to 32GB of local data storage.

Moreover, Vinci 2.0 learns from your music listening habits and physical statistics to recommend music that best matches your query, mood, location, and activities.

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