The X1 In Ear Headphones are designed for the user of premium ThinkPad notebooks, along with any user who values design and audio quality. They feature anodized aluminum bodies whose form blends into ribbon style cables, providing reinforced strain reliefs, tangle resistant cables, inline controls, inline mic, and 3.5mm plug. Diamond cut ends compliment the aluminum body, and a soft touch finish enhances the cords. The comfortable small size does not compromise sound quality, offering a full spectrum of sound. These headphones provide amazing sound that brings out the best reproduction of music and voice calls. The headphones have multiple sized ear pieces to fit any user, and are stored in a soft premium leather case. Headphones often call too much attention to themselves without delivering audio quality. As an extension of the ThinkPad X1 line, these are refined, and deliver quality audio without looking gaudy or garish. The forms are visually simple and clean with an emphasis on quality, and accented with a red dot, signature of a premium Think design. These subtle and purposefully designed headphones complement the working professional by delivering on quality and design.

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