At the intersection of sport and fashion, Relays was designed not to look like a sport headphone, but perform like one. Relays means there’s no longer a sacrifice in aesthetics for great performance; the design is equally at home in any environment.

The headphones also derive their iconic look from the technology that creates a superior fit. Many other sports earphones require the consumer to spend time trying out different size attachments to get the right fit. Relays just fits, right out of the box. When put in, it responds to the user’s ear, dynamically adjusting the fit, without the user having to think about it, thanks to its patent pending dynamic suspension, the FreeFlex wheel.

Designed from the beginning to be seamless with your active lifestyle. Featuring a low-profile design that makes them helmet compatible, which is unique in this category, they allow the user to wear it underneath any kind of helmet or headwear without discomfort. Knowing that weight is often the enemy of the active lifestyle, we also did everything possible to make Relays one of the most light-weight headphones in the category, re-thinking every detail that goes into a small in-ear headphone.

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