Three key design goals were set during the development of the NuForce Primo 8:

1. To bring to earphone users the music realism only found in high performance home stereo speakers.
2. To solve the phase distortion issue that has always plagued multi-way earphones with a crossover network.
3. To have a resonance and reflection controlled body design that also breaks away aesthetically from the traditional shape of in-ear headphones.

The first goal is achieved by employing a multi-way, multi-driver ultra-low moving mass balanced armature driver array, which delivers the same macro and micro dynamics of a high performance home speaker system, and retains a lightning fast transient response.

The second goal is accomplished by a proprietary phase-coherent crossover network, developed from ground up for the Primo 8’s BA speaker array, and itself a world-first for in-ear headphones.

The last goal is met with a sophisticated multi-curvature body and is attested by the Primo 8’s lack of resonance in its sonic measurements.

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