For decades, accessories provided a passive experience, without the
intelligence to adapt to their environment or automatically tune themselves to
user’s needs. Not anymore. With the latest Lighting-powered technology and
integrated software, Rayz are a new generation of Appcessories that work with
your iPhone like nothing before. We’ve created a new kind of earphone,
by blending the intelligence of an app with the performance of an accessory
designed to work seamlessly with your iPhone. Rayz brings you an array of
smart features that go beyond music, giving everyone greater customization,
capability, and controls, wherever they go. These are today’s smartest
Appcessories for a new generation of iPhone lovers. Rayz brings a number of industry firsts to the consumer:
• The world’s first earphone to use 2nd generation Lightning Audio technology.
• Lowest current consumption of any other Lightning earphones.
• The Rayz Plus is the only lightning earphone that lets you charge your iPhone and talk at the same time.

Rayz Earphones- Lightning Smart.
Smaller – Smarter – More personal

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