The best of BOTH worlds: A headphone for the music lover AND the professional DJ, with the virtues that appeal to either type of user. Monster® 24k™ headphones bring the listener as close to the sound as possible, through the unmatched clarity, incredibly tight, deep bass and depth, hand-tuned with the precision afforded by Pure Monster SoundTM. With its DJ-style swiveling earcups and Super Plush Cushions, the N-Pulse 24K is a super-comfortable over-the-ear design, possessing an ability much loved by DJs by staying comfortable, even after hours of listening. N-Pulse 24K features ControlTalk Universal™ Inline Audio Controls and comes with the ControlTalk™ Universal Cable, a stylish traveling pouch and a micro cleaning cloth, while the Limited Edition production adds that intangible extra: They’ll be owned by the few.

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